DWOL - a tiny WOL implementation for DOS

Copyright © 2017 Mateusz Vistelink


DWOL is a tiny tool that computes and sends "wake-on-lan" packets. Wake-On-LAN (WOL) is an Ethernet standard that allows a computer to be turned on by a network message. The WOL technology has been designed by AMD back in 1995, and widely implemented inside many Ethernet chips and mainboards since then. DWOL is designed with two goals: being tiny (no bigger than a single floppy disk sector, that is 512 bytes), yet still performing proper input validation and providing the user with clear, friendly messages.

DWOL requires an Ethernet packet driver. The packet driver is auto-detected by scanning the interrupt range 60h...80h. DWOL uses the first packet driver that it finds.

DWOL is distributed under the terms of the MIT License.


DWOL doesn't require much to work, but here we go:
  * an IBM PC or compatible (8086/8088 CPU or better),
  * MS-DOS 2.0+ or compatible,
  * an Ethernet adapter with a packet driver complying to pkt drv spec v1.10+.


Binary and source: dwol10.zip